• Dwi Novita Sari Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Sangkakala Salatiga
Keywords: children morals, preventif effort, Christian teacher


The current phenomenon of child delinquency leads to moral degradation. The fact is children are no longer victims of violence, but also become perpetrators. The emergence of cases of destruction, abuse, rape and even murder carried out by children, show the weakness of moral education in Indonesia. There are two main factors that influence, namely external and internal. There needs to be synergy between parents, teachers and the community to educate children. In addition to moral education in the family and society, school becomes a parent's partner to educate and instill moral values ​​for children in school. In this case, the teacher has a big role in shaping the child into a moral person. Especially in this case, Christian teachers (teachers who are Christian) need to have an awareness of children's needs for moral values because these values ​​are in line with noble Christian values. This research is here to help Christian teachers by offering steps to be able to teach moral values ​​for children in school. The author used descriptive method so that readers can see a picture of the research results more closely. The efforts to overcome children's moral degradation in school include creating a moral community, designing shared moral discipline, upholding moral discipline, teaching conflict resolution and guiding students.

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Sari, D. N. (2019). UPAYA PREVENTIF GURU KRISTEN DALAM MENGHADAPI DEGRADASI MORAL ANAK. VISIO DEI: JURNAL TEOLOGI KRISTEN, 1(1), 79-100. https://doi.org/10.35909/visiodei.v1i1.11
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