Make Your Article Accepted

There are only two primary keys: (1) follow the AUTHOR'S GUIDELINES and (2) write your article using the TEMPLATE provided on the Visio Dei website. Articles rejected early in the editorial process are caused by the author ignoring these two things.

Important things to pay attention to in the Author's Guide are:

First, make sure that your article is a research article. Understand the difference between a research article and a conceptual article. Research articles are based on research work and follow research methods recognized in the scientific world. Research articles contain the elements and composition of AIMRaD + C: A = Abstract, I = Introduction, M = Method, R = Result, D = Discussion, + C = Conclusion. Conceptual articles only contain abstracts, main ideas, and conclusions.

Second, ensure that the topic of your article fits at least one of Visio Dei's focus and scope. Visio Dei is a Christian theology journal with a focus and scope on ecclesiology, tribal religion and local wisdom, contextual theology, entrepreneurship theology, feminist theology, children's theology, and Christian education.

Third, make sure your article has never been published in any media, even if it is your media. This is under the Publication Ethics held by Visio Dei. 

Fourth, use sound and correct Indonesian so that readers easily follow your thoughts. Make sure your ideas are clear and coherent. There are no typos. Ask for help from other parties to check and provide suggestions. Avoid submitting articles that are still in drafts.

Fifth, comply with the provisions regarding citations and references: 1) publications of the last ten years; 2) 80% comes from scientific journals; 3) use APA styles; 4) using Mendeley; 5) indirect quotation includes the author's last name and year of publication; 6) direct quotations include the author's last name, year of publication, and page number.

As much as possible, avoid direct quotes because it will increase the percentage of similarity of your article to other writings.

Thank You
Ermin Mosooli