Publication Ethic

Visio Dei: Jurnal Teologi Kristen is a publication of research articles in the field of Christian Theology. It is emphasizing the novelty of science and its benefits for the development of Christian Theology itself, church services, and Christian Education.

The code of ethics of scientific writing and publication is a statement of all parties who involved in the process of the journals, that is publisher, editors, peer reviewers, and author. Publications ethic was essentially upholding ethics in three values, namely 1) Neutral, free from conflicts of interest in the journal management. 2) Justice, gives rights to those entitled to authorship as an author. 3) Honesty, free from plagiarism in writing.

Publisher Responsibilities

  1. Publish articles that have reviewed and edited following the provisions of Visio Dei.
  2. Ensure the academic freedom of the editors and peer reviewer in carrying out their respective duties.
  3. Protect intellectual property rights, copyrights, and editorial freedom

Editor Responsibilities

  1. Decide which articles are worthy for publication taking into account the applicable provisions concerning publishing, including issues of defamation, copyright infringement, and plagiarism.
  2. Ensuring that the process of reviewing and accepting articles and making of decisions to publish manuscripts is base on the right of equality of treatment by not distinguishing race, sex, ethnicity, nationality, or ideology of the author
  3. Ensure that the review of each article is carried out with a double-blinded review system.
  4. Will not use articles that not publish for personal benefit, but return them directly to the authors.

Peer Reviewer Responsibilities

  1. Provide recommendations regarding the reviewed article
  2. Review articles objectively and argumentatively
  3. Correct each quote, reference, and plagiarism of the paper reviewed
  4. Refuse to review article that is not meet their field of expertise
  5. Refuse to review an article if there is no enough time to do it
  6. Complete the review of papers on schedule
  7. Hold and treat all the article information as confidential and not use it for personal gain

Author Responsibilities

  1. Describe thoughts or research results clearly, honestly, and without plagiarism.
  2. Do not send articles that are being reviewed by peer reviewers to other journals or other published media
  3. Cite thoughts or works of other authors following the Visio Dei style of writing
  4. Write articles under the standards of applicable scientific papers.
  5. Entrust the editorial process in editing articles that not altering the substance or the main idea of the manuscript.