About Visio Dei: Jurnal Teologi Kristen

Visio Dei is a scientific journal that focuses on the publication of research results that are beneficial to the progress of Christian theology, emphasizing the novelty of science and its practical benefits for the development of church services and Christian education.

The type of article will publish is the research article or the original article. Conceptual articles (reviews) can be published at the invitation of the Editor. In each issue, Visio Dei provides 1 (one) obituary article and 2 (two) latest book review article (published 1-3 years earlier) in the field of Christian theology in accordance with Visio Dei's scope.

Visio Dei adheres to standard scientific writing standards. All articles will be reviewed by quality Reviewers with a double-blinded system. One article was reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers in accordance with their expertise.

Published by the Star's Theological School Lub Luwuk Banggai twice a year in June and December.

Visio Dei is an open-access journal. Users can access all issues, read and download, for free.

Focus and Scope

1. Biblical Studies
2. Ecclesiology
3. Tribal Religion and Local Wisdom
4. Contextual Theology
5. Theology of Entrepreneurship
6. Feminist Theology
7. Child Theology
8. Christian education