Book Review

In each issue, Visio Dei: Journal of Christian Theology publishes 2 (two) book review articles.


The purpose of a book review article in Visio Dei: Jurnal Teologi Kristen is to publish new books in theology accompanied by a critical study.


The book's newness is measuring by the publication year, which is no later than 3 (three) years.


Title. The article's title is "TINJAUAN BUKU," placed in the center bold Arial 14pt letters.

Book Identity. The author must list the book identities under the title: "TINJAUAN BUKU" in the format shown below.

Book Reviewer(s) Identity. The reviewer's identity is the name (complete, without title), affiliated institution, and email address. The font of the reviewer's name writes in Arial 12pt, affiliation in Arial 10pt, and email address in Arial 10pt.

Reviewer(s)'s name (arial 12pt)
Affiliation (Arial 10pt)
Email (Arial 10pt)

Font, Paper Margins, and Paper Size. Write the contents of the article in 12pt Arial letters. The beginning of the paragraph indents 1.27 cm. Top and left margins 4 cm, right and bottom margins 3 cm. Article length 3 - 6 pages with double spaces.

Language. Ariticle is writing in Bahasa Indonesia in formal academic language.

Quotation Style. If the reviewer quotes another author's opinion, she/he must write the quote's source in the APA (American Psychological Association) style of writing. At the end of the article, there is a list of citation sources under "DAFTAR PUSTAKA".

The Writing of Main Ideas. The main ideas are written directly in the following order: The first part is an introduction that introduces the book, e.g., in what field and suitable for which segment of readers. The second part contains a summary of the book's contents and the author's main thoughts. These thought points do not need to be broken down by chapter but summarized in a few points. The inclusion of the main points of the author's thoughts in the form of points will make it easier for the reader to understand the author's intentions. The third part is the reviewers' notes about the book's advantages. The fourth part is the reviewers' notes about the book's weaknesses. The fifth part is the closing, which contains the confirmers' affirmation of how important the book is. Read and used by readers, especially the segment of readers identified in the introduction.

List of Bibliography. If the author quotes other people's opinions, it must include in the List of Bibliography section.

TEMPLATE. Use the book review article templates that are available. Please download it here.