Visio Dei: Jurnal Teologi Kristen Volume 2 Number 1 will publish in June 2020

Researchers in the field of Christian Theology is inviting to submit their paper.

Our focus and scope are:

1. Biblical Studies 
2. Ecclesiology
3. Tribal Religion and Local Wisdom
4. Contextual Theology
5. Entrepreneurship Theology
6. Feminist Theology
7. Child Theology
8. Christian Education

Without limiting publication themes for the 8 (eight) scopes, for the upcoming Volume 2  Number 1 publication, we encourage, in particular, papers for Ecclesiology.

We will publish:

* 8 (eight) original research articles 

* 2 (two) book review articles

* 1 (one) obituary article


Please read AUTHOR GUIDELINES before submitting a manuscript. Please adjust to these guidelines to ensure that your paper will process for publication. Use the ARTICLE TEMPLATE to make sure.

Do not forget to read and understand the PUBLICATION ETHIC for publication in Visio Dei.

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