About Visio Dei: Jurnal Teologi Kristen

Visio Dei: Jurnal Teologi Kristen is a publication of research articles in the field of Christian Theology. Emphasizing the novelty of science and its benefits for the development of Christian Theology itself, church services, and Christian Education.

Visio Dei adheres to a standard of scientific article writing. Peer Reviewers will analyze all articles with a double-blinded system, two Peer Reviewer for one paper in minimum following their expertise.

Visio Dei is published by Star's Lub Theological Seminary twice a year in June and December.

Visio Dei applies for open access. Readers can access all publications for free by registering first. Please Register.

Focus and Scope

  1. Biblical Studies
  2. Ecclesiology
  3. Tribal Religion and Local Wisdom
  4. Contextual Theology
  5. Theology of Entrepreneurship
  6. Feminist Theology
  7. Child Theology
  8. Christian Education